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Why women choose motherhood over science, maths careersResearchers point to outdated university policies that in effect penalize women who want to have children.


Why women choose motherhood over science, maths careers
Researchers point to outdated university policies that in effect penalize women who want to have children.


Richard Dawkins Speaks Simply on the Evolution of the Eye

May 8

'White glow' in babies' eyes a possible cancer warning

Children’s cancer campaigners want a section of the personal child health record - or ‘little red book’ - rewritten to alert new parents to the dangers of an unusual form of eye cancer.

Retinoblastoma, which affects the retina of children aged under five, can result in the eye being removed if there is any delay in treating it.

Spotting the presence of a tumour is key - and sometimes all it takes is a photograph.

The most common sign of retinoblastoma is a white glow in the pupil of the eye, which can look like a ‘cat’s eye’ in a photograph, especially when there is a ‘red eye’ look in the other eye.

The ‘glow’ is caused by the light reflecting off the tumour at the back of the baby’s eye.

Retinoblastoma Awareness Week May 8th - May 14th

Aug 9

Rise in childhood obesity is slowing worldwide - health - 06 August 2010 - New Scientist

N A dramatic twist in the tale of the world’s obesity epidemic, it appears that childhood obesity levels have stopped rising in many rich nations around the world. Some claim it is proof that healthy-eating campaigns are working, while others are concerned that the data hides discrepancies between rich and poor compatriots.

Bumpology: Choosing the sex of your child - health - 15 June 2010 - New Scientist

"Bumpology is our weekly column on the science behind pregnancy, written by our reporter whose own bump is growing larger by the day

Days to go: 76

Waist size: 96.5 centimetres (38 inches – though I’m losing track of where exactly my waist is)

I was having coffee and cake with two fellow mums-to-be the other day, and they raised the thorny issue of sex. Not whether or not it’s safe to have it – which I’ve been assured it is – but whether it’s possible to influence your baby’s sex before conception…….”

Black Couple’s White Baby


I remember watching a programme a few years back on this subject not sure if it was the same family or not. Its a bit like how just sometimes blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed baby and there has been no cheating involved. Genetics is just cool like that :D

thanks to brokenrosepetals for submitting this :)

Jun 9

Child abuse and its effect on brain development

In the first of two articles, Jenni Whitehead explores present understanding and research on how abuse experienced in childhood affects the child’s developing brain function and how this in turn affects learning